From Norfolk to Concord

Photograph of the 1950-1951 Emerson College Debate Team

1951 debate team

Photograph of the 1976-1977 Emerson College Debate Team

1977 debate team

Ever at the forefront of the communications field, Emerson was among the first colleges in the nation to have a debate team with women representatives, to establish a forensics fraternity, and to bring collegiate debating into the prison system.

EPI faculty, admin, and prison officials outside MCI-Concord

EPI faculty, Emerson administration, and prison officials stand outside of MCI-Concord.

Beginning in 2017, the Emerson Prison Initiative is one of only a handful of prison education programs that grants degrees from the primary institution instead of an affiliated community college or associate's degree program. EPI marks Emerson's continued commitment to civic engagement and social justice.